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Infinite Engineering


Putting our passion to work...

Uncover the story of the ground to avoid unknown issues and make your project a success. We offer a wide range of services to meet every need.


  • Temporary Excavation Support Systems / Temp Shoring

    • Drilled/Driven Soldier Piles

    • Tie back Soldier Piles

    • Cofferdams

    • Secant Pile Walls

    • Tangent Pile Walls

    • Circular Cofferdams

    • Soil Nail Walls

    • Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

  • Landslide Remediation

  • Rockfall & Avalanche Mitigation

  • Temp/Permanent Soldier Pile Retaining Walls

  • Temp/Permanent Soil Nail Walls

  • Temp/Permanent Sheet Pile Walls

  • Rock and Soil Anchors

  • Micropiles

  • Caissons

  • Ground Remediation

  • Platipus Earth Anchors

  • Geohazard Mitigation


  • Thermal Integrity Profiling

  • Sonic Echo Testing

  • Pile Dynamic Analysis (PDA & WEAP)

  • Micropile Testing

  • Bar & Strand Anchor Testing

  • Limited Access (Rappelling) Anchor Testing


  • Demolition Plans

  • Beam Erection Plans

  • Culvert Erection Plans

  • Arch Erection Plans

  • Deck Overhang Systems

  • Rigging Plans

  • Bridge Jacking Plans

  • Stream By-pass Pumping Plans

  • CPM Schedules & Updates

  • HC Ramp Designs

  • Preparation of Waste/Borrow Areas

  • Bridge Deck Grade Calculations


  • Bridge and Roadway Stake-out

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Subdivisions

  • As-Built Surveys

  • Flood Map Surveys

  • Construction Monitoring

Ready to work with the best? We can't wait to help you solve problems...

Infinite Designed Wall
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